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Kuryakyn hypercharger


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Interesting idea.... had to look it up to see what you were talking about.... if I was gonna try it my only concern would be those vacuum butterflies not opening properly.... not saying they won't but that would be my first concern...

Do they remain open once running?

What popped into my head was make the butterflies mechanical and sync with the carb butterflies and poke it through the hood like a Mini blower...

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Before i bothered doing anything I'd first hook up a vacuum to see how those butterflies operate...

I have no idea about your vacuum set up or what the it takes to operate those.

last thing I'd think you want is them closing while your driving.

As I stated worse case convert it a mechanical setup.... then the opening and closing will match your carb and pedal...

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I won't be using my original hood, I picked up a spare last year its got a few small dents. If it doesn't look good it's not a big loss. Before anything gets cut I need to see if I can get the hypercharger to work properly, if it doesn't work I'm only out for the price of the part and my time and effort.

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It's an air filter it doesn't 'do' anything. Well other than filter the air I guess. You have an air filter complete with cold air inlet from the high pressure area in front of the rad.. Where are you going to connect the valve cover hose to it?

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I've got a small filter to fit on the valve cover, and you're right it's only an air filter. The whole reason I'm sharing this is if this has been done before,is the vacuum on a Z24 strong enough to hold the butterflies open so the air filter can do it's job. I put a straw over the tube where the vacuum line will go and I sucked as hard as I could, it opened the butterflies about halfway. Need to try plugging it into a vacuum line on the truck and see if it will open all the way.

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A solid z24 will put down something like 18-20 inches of vacuum. If yours is tired it will ship less. Find out what those butterflies take to hold open. Run a vacuum test on your motor.

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Even if the butterflies open as they should, the air filter inside is tinny, and if anything will make less power.

I'm with Mike, glue it to the hood, maybe glue 4 of them to your hood, and look really trashy.

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I don't see how engine vacuum will hold the butterflies open. Engine vacuum is highest at idle and slowing down. When the engine is floored there is very low vacuum. Basically it will open when idling and close when floored. Must be spring loaded holding it open and use vacuum to close it.


I looked this thing up and there was a whole page of complaints about getting it to work (on a bike).... problems driving in the rain..... Wow $300 for this??? I'm in the wrong business.

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I've actually tested air cleaners for Kuryakyn on my flow bench.  Their designs are mostly well thought out and flow air VERY well.  But any time you add a throttle plate to an air cleaner, you have several factors that can and eventually will impede proper flow.  Even if the air cleaner's throttle plate is tied directly to the carb's throttle plate, you disturb the air entering the filter.  If the throttle plate was switched to open and STAY open when the key is on, then you may have a solution?

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Thanks for all the positive input lockleaf,DrvnDrvr & Distributorguy. It's the reason I posted in the first place, hell it's the reason I wanted to be part of this community. I always valued your opinion datsunmike I think you're a pretty bright guy. I was hoping to get some positive feedback from you but I guess you're having a hard time getting past what you believe is right or wrong for my truck. When it's done and if it works I'll post a picture.

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Like top fuel dragsters, throttle plates are on the air cleaner to keep things out of it when the engine is not running.  Theirs are directly attached to the real throttles, but typically on a cam that opens the vent blades at a rate faster than the carb blades.  Tricky, eh?  Don't ever let the intake choke the carbs, or disrupt the straight flow of clean air.  

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It's understandable that when it comes to form over function I try to save people from themselves. Of course you can do as you please. I'd just rather that you didn't cut up your truck for a 'look'. Let's face it, it IS just for a look. When you are done and have exhausted any chance of this thing being of any use, put the good hood back on and pass this on to a honderp owner. Lesson learned.

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Thoughtful of you, Mike. And I appreciate it. One resists saying anything about taste and form, because it is a free world. But LeCorbusier had it right, form follows function. And, it seems to me- just my opinion- both the form and the function of a stock 720 are really just fine. A lot of youngun's want to drop their trucks on the street, which is up to them, but it negates the form ‘truck’, and, especially as the original designers had intended. 


I say this and yet I am considering grafting a perfect 84 KC bed onto my 85 cab and frame, just because it is perfect. Not that my truck is collectible by any means, but that pretty much nukes its originality.


I still prefer my trucks at least functioning as intended- as trucks.

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First observation is this thing is sticking out of your hood and it's raining, and you're sucking a bunch of water into your motor (we get a lot of rain here in Washington). And my second is I don't understand how this is going to flow more air into the motor when all you're really doing is adding more piping. Engine bay temperatures while moving are quite cool surprisingly.

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