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510 280zx Brake Setup....New 7/8" Master....No Fluid Getting to Calipers


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Hey guys, been messing with my 1970 Goon. Put a 280zx front strut assemblies and brakes. New pads, new (not reman) 7/8" master cylinder bench bled using the bleeder screws on the side of the master cylinder.


Started bleeding brakes on the rear using some tubing into a jar of brake fluid, went great. Moved onto the front and can't get any air or even fluid moving to the calipers. Left both the bleeders open overnight to attempt to gravity bleed them, still nothing.


I can pump the pedal and it gets firmer, but still not a drop of fluid out of either the caliper bleeders.


The calipers still move around by hand since the pistons haven't taken up the slack between the rotors and pads.


So now what? The calipers came from a recently running 280zx. They moved fine when I opened them to fit the new pads, so they aren't frozen.




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Very well could be.

Do you have a clear hose you can run from master bleeders back to the bottles? Try bleeding it again.

Maybe bleed the master through the output lines too-just to see if it is actually pushing fluid out.

I bled the master again this afternoon, used clear hose, didn't get anymore air bubbles.


I will have to buy fittings to thread into the bottom of the master cylinder tomorrow.

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