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A12 blow through turbo


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I have searched and searched for information on how to modify a stock a 12 carburetor to except blow through turbo. There's a lot of information that is all very similar but when it gets down to specific modifications to carb , it is vague .

Is there a detailed thread regarding blow through turbos on A motors ?

Specifically modifications to carbs including parts part numbers ?

Do you have to modify a carb if you build a full enclosure around it ?

Do you have to modify the carb if you use a top hat ?

The turbo I'm using is off of a 650 Yamaha seca bike.

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It leaks oil, gutless, . It's left me stranded a few times now. I'm going build the R16

To drop in. Then build the A12 up as a spare or to sell . When

I bought the wagon, it had issues. Fixing my DD is tapping out my wallet

And it's hard to buy anything anymore for the wagon knowing that a

It was a hack job. Haven't taken apart the A12 so it's always a gamble.

That was a bit winded lol but that's just proof of my stress with having a hobby

Like this .

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