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Datsun 310?


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Hi Ratsun. Lately i've had this urge to find a car that my mom had when I was 7, 1984. I know it was a Datsun, and i've looked up pictures of them all and I belive it was a 310, as that even sounds familiar. I guess my question are, is this something that I'll never find? If not, does anyone know of one anywhere? I know its a lot for a new guy to ask but I thought i would start here with trying resurrect a car that my mom showed my brother and I the greatest times in. Thanks in advance. My email is iwlconstructionltd@gmail.com

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You can try your local craiglist, autos for sale, by owner, then type in Datsun. You might get lucky.  Do a google search for Datsun 310, see if the pictures that come up are the car you are looking for.

Someone may come along here and post a pic of one.




Welcome to the circus, enjoy the show.

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Be careful what you ask for!  The "310" designation needs a few more descriptors!  There was the original PL310 / P 310 roadster with 13 inch wheel and wheel covers shared with the RL411/R411 SSS sedans, and the 310 FWD sedans whose wheels shared with the 310 roadster and RL411 sedans, less the clips for the dog dish wheel covers.  The 13 inch roadster and RL411 wheel covers fit just fine if you can find/afford them..

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Thanks guys! My brother figures it was a 310b, if that sounds right. Been lookin on kijiji and craigslist. Grahem, yes it looked like the cars in your pics. It was a 2 door though.

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Do you mean B310; also known as a 210.




 Grahem, yes it looked like the cars in your pics.


To me (admittedly a more trained eye) the 310 and 210 look nothing alike. 



It was a 2 door though.


There were even two different 2 doors, although one is technically a 3dr...   ^_^


2dr sport coupe:




2dr hatch:


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Which one is technically a 3 door?


As flatcat said, the one I called a 2dr hatch.  



But I suppose an argument could be made for both.   :rofl:


Even the Sport Coupe has an all glass hatch instead of a trunk. But Nissan called one Sport Coupe and one a 3 door so...

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I love the Sport Coupe, and wouldn't mind having one. But the transmissions in these cars are GARBAGE. They are so tiny and fragile. 


I had a friend who autocrossed one in the early 90s and he ended up buying every transmission in a 500 mile radius just for spare parts...



If you plan to drive one with any sporting intentions, plan on an engine swap, or plan to convert it to RWD using 210 parts (what I'd do). You will likely never find a spare trans...

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Oh ok literally a technicality I still have my 82 310 2 door sport coupe (black one posted above) but it's in rough shape only reason it's still around is that it was my first car.

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