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620 Heater Vent Pull Knob: I use my truck - I've busted two of them

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Yeah, you throw a bunch of stuff up in the cab over the hung and... rack up another pull knob.


Maybe I should make one with a hinge:  when it is out, the hinge lets the rod point down against the vent.  To push in, straighten the rod and push.


Or make it of some unbreakable polyurethane.


Cool concept but not so cool in a work truck.

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Ya, I did the "dental post" repair - then broke that one off doing yet more damage to the hole drilled weakened ends.


I have not done this but I believe the best fix will be to whittle down the OD just enough that some heat shrink tubing will smoothly clear the panel hole.  The next time I knock it off I don't believe the HST will do any more damage.


Another fix using HST would be to use a length of vacuum hose the right OD to make it flexible so that it simply bends out of the way.


Will get around to this when it really gets hot here...

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