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Lowering 510 front, what's missing.


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When I purchased my goon the PO gave me these 280 z struts that have been cut down for the 510 with brakes. He said it was missing something, im not sure what he said. Here's a pic.

Thanks for any info.




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I have all the brake stuff, I don't remember if he said there was a spanner nut missing or something like that missing. Bump steer spacers... I'll have to check into that to see what they are & where they go. Camber plates.. I don't recall seeing those.. something I'll have to get.

Thanks, Greg

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I don't remember if 280, 260 or 240. They are from a Z made to fit a 510. I want to lower the goon now and want to make sure I have everything before I tear into it.


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There was a reason z struts are not used on other Datsuns. I think the strut angle is different. The 510 strut to spindle angle (and others) are 10 degrees. Check those. Camber plates may not be able to compensate for this.

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Thanks everyone, I'm going to check into everything mentioned. I hate getting parts like this that I didn't initially buy & have to figure out if there is anything missing or if they will even work...

thanks, Greg

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Are the brake rotors vented?  If vented, then you should have the correct 280ZX (not 280Z!!) strut assemblies......not a guarantee, but quick easy identification, cuz standard 240Z-280Z are solid rotors.  If still in question, what datzenmike said ^^^^^  :crying: 


Yes, get the bump steer spacers if you don't have......aka RCA's.


Yes, get adjustable upper camber plates if you don't have.


Yes, the strut insert/cartridge is held in the strut tube by a big flat "nut" (aka gland nut).  Pull the coilover spring off, look for a big "nut" at the very top of the strut tube, just above the coilover threaded sleeve, with the strut shaft poking up thru it.  We can't see......the coilover springs are hiding it!

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Thanks yenpit.. this is my first time lowering a 510. Trying to figure out if what I have will work. I'll get some pics of the brakes & rotors too when I get a chance.


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Hard to say what exactly they're out of but you are missing a couple things.........





Pic with stock strut mounts.........these are 280zx but same shit........








....with camber plates.......



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