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78 810 engine is toast....

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Hey guys i replaced my head gasket and either something is cracked... Warped... Or i f***ed it up...i remember talking with steve at z therapy and he was saying i could use a z car engine but i had to pull the oil pan and there was a second hole cast in the block for oil sump relocation... Has anyone heard of this? I have an l24 that is in great shape i would love to be able to make my 810 run again...

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Yes, very basically the oil pick up tube on the Z car engines are fitted to a rear sump oil pan. The lowest point where the oil collects is to the rear. The L24 in the 810/Maxima has a front sump oil pan.


L28 zx engine front to the right...

The hole middle top is for the oil pick up tube.

See that other unused flat area farther to the right by the second main bearing cap?? That may be where the 810/Maxima oil pick up hole will be. I don't know, but you will need to make a longer pick up tube to reach the rear. I mean front.


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Ok so if i had a 73 l24 i should theoretically be able to drop the oil pan grab a magnet use a straight edge and neasuring tape drill through the 1st "UNUSED"section and tap the mounting holes bolt in the oil pickup tube and go right??


If the one from the middle reaches the bottom and i am going to the front it should be the same length right?

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You'll have to make the decision about re-locating the oil pick up tube.


Looks like boring a hole up into the oil gallery in the forward location might work. Drill and tap two mounting bolt holes for the 810  tube and seal the rear hole up.

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I did the swap in my 810. I went the route of bending a new pickup tube and snipping a small piece of baffle from in the pan. Wasn't to bad at all and less room for a catastrophic error...cars still running. Let us know how it goes.

Do you have pics of what you did?

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