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low idle then stall 620

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Hello my l20b 620 was cruising fine then out of nowhere it started idling low like it was gonna stall out so I pulled over and it finally stalled out. Tried to get it to start and it only kept cranking and cranking. As it cranked white smoke came out the exhaust. After several tries it cranked over and turned on and idled good any ideas? This is the second time this happens

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Some things to check next time it acts up.


Look at the glass window on the front of the carb and see if the fuel level is above the line or dot on the glass. Is it over filled and flooding? This is my guess.


Is the choke fully off when the engine is warmed up?


Turn ignition on off on off while listening near the carb. You should hear a soft clicking sound from the idle cut solenoid.

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You mean you turn the engine off and it keeps chugging and keeps going?? This is called dieseling or 'run on'. The heat of compression is enough to ignite the fuel. This is why idle cut solenoids were added to shut fuel off with the ignition. This would suggest that fuel from another source may be getting in.


A stuck choke would but a flooding carburetor will too.

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