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More manuals posted at datsun510.com

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Hi Folks,


Been a while since I last posted. I've just finished uploading another ~40 manuals at datsun510.com. All manuals are free, not watermarked, and not ripped from other sites. There are still a number missing, so if you would like to donate a missing manual or a few bucks for buying more, drop me a note or paypal to derek - at - datsun510 - dot - com. Whether we raise more money or not, the manuals will continue to be free and I'll continue to upload more as funds permit.


Thanks, Derek

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Wow man, that's totally cool of you to do this! Incredible, really. That kind of project takes a ton of time. I hope you know how much you are appreciated for your efforts & commitment of time/energy to take on & follow through on this task. I will be happy to contribute a lil something to this cause.


Thank again!



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Forgot to mention (and probably goes without saying), but feel free to share or repost or upload to other sites as you want. If adding to your own site, a nod to datsun510.com would be nice, but also would ensure your own users can get anything posted new. I did ask that Russian site how they got all my manuals. The guy said through torrents, so I guess they are already being distributed :)

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