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Pricing and ID help on my A-series stuff?

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sorry, this is a pretty N00b-like topic...   I just acquired a load of A-series stuff, in hopes of saving a few items for myself and planning to sell the rest. I don't own a 1200 yet, but i am hoping to pick one up this year at some point and wanted to collect the pieces to build a good motor.


here is the link to my ad: http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/item/8161-truckload-of-a-series-engines-transmissions-and-parts/


bought all of the stuff from Dave Carroll in seattle, many of you may know him.


anyways, like i said, i am new to A-series and to 1200's (i've been an L-series 510 guy for the past decade), just looking for some insight and advice on what to ask for each of the pieces.  I have sifted through the Datsun1200.com wiki pages a little bit to try and figure some of it out, but some of it can be confusing. also if anyone has any interest, go ahead and contact me!


roast away...

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Readers are advised to buy or make offers on the classified ad only. Don't start making offers here. This is for information purposes only.

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