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New Mexico 620 KC


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I bought this a few months ago: A 1977 620 KC. My family has history with these little trucks, my Dad had one with a small block chevy. It is a local (Clovis, NM), one owner, well serviced truck with 115,000 miles. 

I want to swap in a 5 speed and maybe a 4.11 rear end. I just want it to be a nice truck, with good gas mileage.


















Engine and ID tags




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First post and with pics....100000 points (they really don't matter).


Welcome to the circus, as has been said around here before by someone way more clever than myself......"Ratsun is a forum for assholes and we just all happen to own Datsuns"  (more or less a quote but you get the idea).


Look out kids another New Mexico member!  We may be up to 5 or 6 of us on here now.

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get rockers. I think it would be easier to spot weld it the old fashion way than to fully weld in a patch

Will the regular cab rockers work? I have not found anything KC specific as far as sheet metal goes.


Looks like a Utah or more northern state truck. Good start though!



It is defiantly more rust than most New Mexico cars. I know it is from here from service and sales records. I have been looking for one for years and I had to grab one in a bit worse shape than I usually would buy. I just love these trucks.


This 3 of my New Mexico no rust scores:











Look out kids another New Mexico member!  We may be up to 5 or 6 of us on here now.

Born and raised in the Clovis area, I am up your way at least once a year in in June near Edgewood for the Cowboy Action Shooting World Finals.




just drive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I drive the hell out of it, but It needs a few things.

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I will remember to duck when June rolls around.  I picked up a 210 that came out of Los Alamos and it was rusted WAY worse than that 620.  I think they just used it as a winter driver and never washed it.

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Impossible, your driveway is paved :rofl:


That truck looks badass.  If you want, PM me your contact info.  Once or twice a year we do a Cars (read Datsuns) and Coffee at my place.  There is only about 5 or 6 of us but still kinda cool to get some more Datto's in the hangar.

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