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I need some help to id this manifold

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Oooo! That looks to be a uber-rare HKS intake for the Toyota 4AC engine! Should fit 1982-1984 AE71 and some other Corollas. This link shows an intake that I swear is the same one. Compare the linkage tabs and casting dots on the topside of the manifold. Also look at the sweep of the intake runners. Pretty positive...



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Regardless of what it is, the most probable reason HKS couldn't identify it is that oftentimes back in the 70's-80's the foundry guys would whip up small batches of molds in their off hours and use them personally or give them to a few friends. Something like this intake could've been in such a small batch that it never got put "on the books" and now 40 years later, no one from that time is working at the company anymore to identify it... Cool part of the American Aftermarket industry!


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