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blowing Ignition fuse 521

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Really its the 1st fuse Left on the fuse block. So maybe flasher ,reverse, instrument cluster


Driving to work my alternator starting squeling and I tighten the belt and notice on my diode type volt meter I wasn't charging.


So I went home found a fuse was blown  started up and then notice Im now over charging even with the High beams ON.

I swapped the volt reg out  cked out fineand it worked fine untell I heard the alternator squel again then bam im back to not charging.  I replaced fuse and now its over charging again. It s a solid state volt reg.

Fuse is blown again.


truck runs off battery so It inst the ignition fuse as sated in Title.


what you guys think. Datzenmike, Wayno ,Daniel??????


I have a spare alternator. to swap in and and spare Volt reg mechanical and solid state.


But really assume the alternator is good.


Im going to pullthe instrument cluster and clean it and maybe the fuse box.


If it wasn't for the volt meter im running I would have never known I had this proplem as my ignition light never came on and would have ran my battery down. So people run a volt meter or better yet those plug in Cig type with diodes and believe what it says.


MY bad luck I didnt bolt down the fuse cover with the labols saw it on road then a truck ran over it and don't have the labels


its the far left fuse that's poping on fuse panel

As on DPs thread it could be the rverse lights

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why not try pulling one wire 1st and see if fuse pops. and try the other wire and get a idea of wht circuit it is by the color code on the wire.  They all might go to the instrument panel anyways.


To pull cluster is ez if you have small hands. Pull the drim ring and then 4 screws the top 2 will have a nut so don't loose them. the lower 2 are sheetmetel type . then you have to unscrew the speedo cable.



you should also ck the battery charge running after that fuse pops. just to see if your proplem is same as mine. I get onley battey voltage or draining when running.

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To remove the instrument cluster:

Disconnect the battery.

Remove two screws from the bottom of the black plastic cover. 

Slide the black plastic cover straight down.  The top is held to the dashboard by two spring clips.

After removing the black plastic cover, you can see the two top bolts holding the instrument cluster to the dashboard. 

Remove the nuts and washers on the back of the bolts, this is where small hand come in handy.

Reach up behind the cluster, remove the speedometer cable, by unscrewing the outer part.

Gently pull the electrical plug from the back of the cluster.

Then the instrument cluster can be removed.

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