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L20b valve adjustment bolt


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I did my valves today and my #1 intake doesn't seem right. The bolt is threaded out 1/2" more than the rest of my intakes.
Bad picture I know.

Does anyone know the max the adjustment bolt can be out.

It turns over fine when I crank it with no noise. It's set at 0.008 cold.


Also my compression is low in the number 1 cylinder 130ish the rest are 150ish

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only thing I cant think that might have happen is the valve lash fell out and you had to adjust the post up to make the difference.


I would watch this as that post being so far up I would wonder if the rocker is being worn in the center or running off the rocker arm , then it would ruin the cam lobe. Check the cam lobe for scarring wear



I wonder if the valve seat is crocked and not letting the valve move farther up

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Not the boost of confidence I was looking for. 


Lobs seemed fine but I'll give them another once over for sure.


Guess I'm pulling the head then.


Fingers crossed the seat is just crocked

Probably a bent valve, broken guide or dropped seat. Not sure what a crocked seat is.  Bit the bullet and pull the head.

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Take that rocker arm off and look at the contact area. If it's worn or gouged that would also require the adjustment to be let out. This one below, is totaled....





Should look like the top one below...




What oil are you using?????

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I though I did post the history guess not . Maybe 2 minutes of run time before the adjustment. 0 after, because it didn't look right and my gut said something was off.


I have a spare 210 peanut head I can pull one off if need be. Not a fan of extra parts floating around in an engine though.

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usually the pad is near by . the previous owner ran it awhile it might Have made it to the oil pan but it no big deal. Just pull one out of another head. This should take care of the issue and youll dial the post back down.


I screw  post down  far as i can down then I use a screwdriver. pu the rocker on the lash pad then I pry the rocker up on the ball end then adjust the lash and lock it down

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So I found it today right beside one of the head bolts. So backed down the adjuster, pulled the rocker out. No damage to the rocker, lash pad, or cam. Small mark on the bottom of the the rocker where it contacted the spring retainer. The spring retainer had some deeper gouges. The lash pad still moved freely, but I still took a small file to take the sharpness off the damage. You can just see it to the left of the rocker.


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