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So I picked up a wooden steering wheel from my local antique/second hand store for $20. It's a superior steering wheel, 13"-13.5" called "the 500". From what info I can find, it's the same 3 hole pattern as the grant steering wheels... not 100% sure though. I'd like to put a quick release short hub kit on it like the NRG kits but have no idea what I'm looking at and am getting lost. Any help? It'll be going on a 1978 620 pickup



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To mount an old 3 bolt style steering wheel would require the use of a Grant standard install adapter (part #3592 for a 620) and the Grant quick release that is compatible with that adapter (part #2001).  Yes, the Superior 3 bolt pattern is the same as the Grant 3 bolt pattern.


Here are the links to the items at the Grant website.


Wheel adapter:



Quick disconnect:




I have never seen an NRG adapter that is 3 bolt compatible, but that's not to say they never made one.  I would think it most likely would be a no longer made part though with most wheels either sharing the new Grant 5 bolt pattern or the MOMO 6 bolt pattern.


I would tend to think you'd need a secondary adapter to some how convert the wheel to a 5 bolt pattern in order to get an NRG quick release to be compatible.





Also, there is this option but I wouldn't recommend it for daily street use as it is a "race" part.  It also requires the splined adapter to be welded to your original steering column shaft, thereby making it a permanent addition to the truck.



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