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Noob asking advice

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Clutch not disengaging.


Check the clutch master cylinder it's to the right of the double brake master reservoirs, as viewed from the front of the truck.  Probably empty. Filling it up may restore the hydraulic clutch but you may have pumped air into the line and it may need bleeding. Air is compressible and will not transmit hydraulic movement.



I'll wait and see it this is the case before writing a page on how to bleed the air out .

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Have someone get under the truck and observe the movement of the slave cylinder/clutch fork. It should be moving around 3/4"(?)(edit: its actually just shy of 1.25". Thanks Mike) when the pedal is pushed. I don't remember the exact amount.


Did you buy the truck like this? Is this a new problem on a previously running vehicle? Have you done any work on it recently?

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