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Mustang II front suspension on a 510


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I've been searching the forums for any source of attempts/trials but with no luck. Interested in knowing if anyone has tried or competed install of a mustang II style front suspension on their 510 for a larger engine bay? Would be very interested in build thread links or any general information.



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Looking at an engine swap that won't fit width wise under the hood of a 510 using the stock strut towers. Swap won't be mentioned because it may change if original plans fail. Only clues will be 4 cylinder and hasn't been swapped into a dime yet.

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Ej18 - ej22 are the narrowest Subaru engines. I suppose you could consider a truck suspension conversion, which is what the rotary car pictured has. His is modified Toyota 2wd

I was looking at an FA20 from a BRZ/FRS drivetrain for the swap. I will need to look into the build of that truck front end to document the parts needed. And eventually when I get my 510 home I will need to borrow a boxer engine for measurements and possible a fitment trial.

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I need more details on this! How in the world did that fit in between strut towers when a typical boxer is 32.5 inches wide?

Which one is "typical"? Ej25 is wider than ej18, and ea82 is between them.

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Cut the stock frame rails out and move them outward? With small diameter coils you could reform the inner strut tower and get it to fit.

That would probibly get you another 4 inches or so. Getting the plugs out is gonna suck unless you cut holes like said above.


Subies hang the motor in front of the struts? Or you could cut firewall out and put the engine behind the strut towers.. Kinda like a mid front engine thing.

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