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Hello all. I just picked up a 1984 720 King cab 4x4 for $500. It wasn't running but I replaced the rubber fuel lines coming off the tank and fixed a ground on the aftermarket fuel pump. Now at least she runs. I also scored some nice rodeo seats from the junk yard and they bolted right in. I'm still having a few problems and I know I'll have specific questions to post but for right now I just wanted to say hi. Now let me see if I can get a pic on here...


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Check the build date on the door jam. That's the correct bed for an '83/'84 truck (note the exposed rusty horizontal seam?) but someone put an '85 grill on it (April '85 and on 4X4s) Personally I really like the '85 grill. Probably broken in a small oops. 

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Whoa, rust in the bed seam but it's got a camper shell?  Guess he didn't have it on most of the time. Too bad.  I always like those kind of camper shells on that generation of truck.

You did really well on the price for that. Take an oil can and squirt some oil inside that bed seam to slow that rust down. 

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The bed seam was problematic on the '83 and older 720s. I think the top and bottom panels and the floor join in that one seam. The '84 and up have an inner bed liner with a continuous outer panel, no seam. The upper outer lip is also missing on later beds..

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