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Fender side emblem placement measurements/help please.


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I repainted a set of side emblems for my 620 and want to get them in just the right spot. No holes in the truck

and no pins on the badges, so if one of you guys could please give me the measurements from top of fender

to top of emblem and from side of emblem to edge of fender where it meets the door (as pictured above) I would really appreciate it.

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 Mine are Datsun by Nissan badges    Front 3 1/2 from top of fender to top of badge Rear 3 11/16 top of fender to top of badge because of fender slope,   2 1/2 from fender to badge


I would mark front measurement down  3 1/2 and from  fender to top of badge , end of the badge 2 1/2 from fender put small level on badge and call it good

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Hey Rick-rat, thanks for the measurements. Mine are Datsun by Nissan badges too and I was close with a 3" from top of fender to top of emblem placement when I was out eyeballing it. My problem is trying to find some level ground to put them on because my level is of no help. I'm going to try to get these on today and I will get some pics up and share my technique on how I painted them. They turned out really well. I have also replaced the grill, bumper, and repainted the front grill badge, so I'll try to get some updated pics on today. Thanks again.

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DATSUNbyNISSAN  are '78 and '79 fender emblems the beginning of the 'soft' transition from the DATSUN name to predominantly NISSAN in '82 .  



A level is no good for this as the trucks have a slight rake to them. Follow the contour lines of the fender.



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Yeah, Ive been trying to follow that line but its hard to see because the truck is white and its hard to feel too. Im just effin OCD with my stuff....lol Anyways, gotta postpone it to tommorrow since its raining like a bitch here. Gonna be sunny and 68 tommorrow. Tennessee weather is jacked up, 68 one day and 28 the next. We have schools around here that are closed because so many kids are sick.

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