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Datsun 521 window visors


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maybe a silly question, but are you looking for the stock sun visors on the inside? or a metal sun shade thing that installs outside on the top of the windshield? or the small shades that connect to the top of the door windows to keep rain from getting in when the window is cracked?

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521s had a drip rail so rain doesn't get in. Not like the vehicles they sell today where you have to go out, buy and put this shit on that should already be on the vehicle in the first place. It's a 521, grow a mustache, put sunglasses on, and drive it 

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Hi I'm looking for Datsun 521 window visors does anyone know where I could get a paid Tia



I don't go to California much but if you're ever in Olympia Wa try the Lemon grass restaurant on 4th,,,, oh a lotta people say the Pattaya Wok out on Martin Way is better ,,, but i think they are overrated myself.

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...and they are NOT factory. I doubt they are even Nissan or dealer equipped either. Just after market ad ons like those retarded grounding straps people attached to their rear bumpers to prevent car sickness. When would the sun get in your eyes in California? before 8AM and after 8PM???? Get sun glasses.

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