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Still fighting the fuel pump


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Trying to keep my motor rinning. I re wired the fusible links and the idle Control works great now. But my fuel pump is still intermittently working. It's definitely an electrical problem. What would stop power from getting to the fuel pump relay?

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Being a welder I just broke them off, drilled new holes, welded on nuts and moved over a bit. If you can't do that use the Magic Kickapoo Joy Juice. Apply, let soak overnight, use a small wrench and hammer, tap a bit to the tighten then tap to loose. Magic Kickapoo Joy Juice is a 50/50 mix of acetone and ATF in a metal squirt can.

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Kickapoo yahoo juice is what some used to call Mountain Dew the soda.........kickapoo joy juice triggered that memory, and now I am showing my age.



Fuel pump relay part # 28545-89900, used to sell quite a few if these back in the day.

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