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Jetting Twin Dellorto's DRLA in A15


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Hi all!


I'm in the process of building up an A15. It'll feature some modifications as: Ported Intakes (2.25mm), lowered head (0.6mm), lightened Flywheel (5.8kg), Fast Road Camshaft and 2 Dellorto DRLA 40's!


I'm in the process of jetting the carbs, but theorically, it all just seems soo confusing...



I got this setup:

Dellorto DRLA 40's

Venturi: 33mm

Main Jet: 132

Air Corrector: 180

Emulsion Tube: 7772.6

Iddle Jet: 40 / 7850.1


But then started reading more, and checked some other jetting engines, and It all just seems confusing.


Can some jetting expert guide me through a "safe" starting point to jet my engine?

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