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Timing stock l20b with no marks on cam sprocket

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Just a followup after retiming my cam over the weekend. I transferred (machined) the v notches onto my new cam sprocket in the right place and upon assembly the marks lined up perfectly with the sprocket set to #1 position which is not normal for an L20b. My slack side chain guide went on with PLENTY of adjustment left. Wondering how this could be after removing .022 from the distance between the top and bottom, I called my engine rebuilder and he said even after taking that amount off, my deck height was still at 8.960, which is still .005 taller than factory specs. I never paid attention to what number dowel pin hole it was at upon teardown but the bolt head imprints on the old slack side adjuster were all the way to the right side of their slots . It appears originally somebody barely got the adjuster in place. The reason I had him deck the block was because my new pistons were so far down in the bore (they are now at -.004). It is not often that things like this happen in my favor.

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Mike, isn't each hole at 2 degrees, which reads 4 degrees at the crank?  Someone is selling drilled pulleys with 8 holes, so you can time your aftermarket cam without offset keys, and you don't have to deal with more expensive adjustable gears coming loose in use.  

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Forty teeth on cam sprocket into 360 degrees = 9 per tooth.


The horizontal etch mark on the cam thrust plate is 4 degrees wide.



BOZO the L20B piston reaches the TDC at 0.45mm or 0.01773" below the deck


Center line crank to deck is 227.45mm or 8.96153"

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