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(for those that can't see PB pictures) - https://forums.redflagdeals.com/google-chrome-firefox-photobucket-hotlink-fix-2126190/?hotlinkfix=1517551477368


Picked up my first Datsun, always loved them. I saw myself more in a truck, but I do like what the Z's can be. I needed another project like a hole in the head but here we go!  It needs a little body/floor work but not too bad. Picked up this 1976 280z that was a runner/driver. Plans are to have a little race inspired rat look too it. Or maybe a little old military throwback look. If it was a little more solid I kinda like the pitina it has on it for the roof,hood and hatch haha. So far I've just got it cleaned up a bit and started taking off crap I don't want. Removed all the EFI and related garbage off and going 4barrel. I just like the simple look and It'll run good with easy problem solving. plan on putting in a fuel cell where the spare is. The stock tank was dented to hell and pretty dirty(clogged up the pump and filter it had on it and started running like poop on me) Plus I hate how you can see the tanks on these cars. This will be a fun creative type build like most Rat builds, and will have some touches here and there of my typical off-road flare. IE tube, dimple dies, and maybe some more lights in a tasteful way. On to some pics!


day I picked it up



the clean-up process and removing unwanted parts





seats are pretty good besides the bottoms, maybe I can get them re-done



car came with new tires for the turbines so I threw those on right away as the old tires didn't hold air





how it and the motor sits right now. Just waiting to get some parts in and get it back to running/driving.



as you may be able to see it's a ATK replacement engine, so that happened at some point. runs good so hopefully not too many miles.



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Was busy with work and a couple fishing trips to get much done lately. That and the wife's Monte Carlo needed some major engine repairs.


Broke out the energy suspension bushing kit and started with the mustache bar. They were by far the worst in the car and it cause the usual clunk when shifting hard. Got the spare tire cut out to make room for the fuel cell. Started mocking up the rough height/area where it will be sitting so i can go get some !" square tube. All I have is round and some random box steel that is a little overkill. It got pretty cold again the other day, so i pushed the Z outside and tried that as a poor mans dry ice method on the sound deadening. Worked pretty well combined with a few hammer taps as I moved along. Got a better idea of what I'm up against with the floors.


I will just be doing my own flat sheet floors and frame rails. I have the tools and metal, so why not save a little money. I'm not going for 100% resto anyways, Just clean and strong. I also plan on having the Fuel cell flush to the trunk floor so I can cover with some aluminum floor plates i'll make. The filler hose and vent line will have to show through but it is what it is. I plan on boxing in the cell outside with some dimple die'd aluminum panels. Or a combination of that and a custom aluminum diffuser to help hide it and just add more of the aggressive race look I want. Anyways enough babbling till I get more done!


on to some pics :)


nasty mustache bar



to a little less nasty bar





Removing the stock sound deadening. came out in some pretty decent chunks.


my rust free floor


rust and tar weight reduction stage 2 :)



Fuel cell mock up. Not the greatest fuel cell in the world. but it will get the job done and get this car on the street.



I have most of what i need using my parts from my truck fuel system. Just need to grab a few more -AN parts and should be good to go. Going to be waaay more fuel pump than I need right now.


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been a while, have a little to update. Didn't get after this thing like I wanted to yet, but I'm trying. It might take a little back burner position to my Ranger as I want to get it done for a trip this summer. That and I really want to throw the 280 on a rotisserie and do the rust repair right.


I'll just dump a few pics of what I've done in the last few months. got my BC coils on, picked up some better condition front fenders, started messing with a little sheet metal repair, and I ended up getting a good deal on a triple carb setup so that will be going on later as well.








picked up the 4 bolt style so needed to drill for that. Also am going to cut out for access to the camber bolts and cut a plate to cover and reinforce the area.





some of the sheetmetal work. big plans for the floors and frame rails later, as I will be making my own.









And just a few of how it sits right now. Planning on moving in the next year, so I may wait to really dig into till I'm in the new shop :) just wanted to get it a roller again for moving it around.








engine and new to me triple carbs



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works fine for me using chrome and the Fix in the link i posted at the top of my first post. If you don't have it already its a great fix because it brings back all the pics from old posts/how to's that have totally fawked from them.



until I have a bunch of free time to switch all my pics over to imgur, i just used it temporarily cause it works.

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