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ball joints


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Datduns411 ball joints are like unicorn parts original and realistic if though\fly and when you can find them and then doubtdatful as to their authhenticiful !  Left and Right lowrer Ball Joints are NIOT interchangeable  There are differnemchableses in the angkles of he lowers ball joions

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You gotta pay to play




Boxes look like they were shipped from China and sold in Mexico so like everything i've seen coming out of either ,, not sure of fit ,,, but i am probably going to take a chance on them ( for good or bad ) after i get my taxes back...  The boxes are marked 555 and Advanced auto parts sells a brand labeled Sankei 555 so maybe with some effort a person could convince a counterman with drugs or alcohol to see if they could have some sent to them. 




Or these guys rebuild yours










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Three or so years ago, I was working on a solution that involved a custom carrier with a pressed-in ball joint. But, then I got an intense job with a long commute and I found a full set of OE ball joints on eBay for not much money. I measured and modeled the stock 411 LBJs, and identified a press-in LBJ with the correct taper and stud length: K9617, from a Dodge Colt.


It's worth noting that the Dodge Colt has struts, and the Internet makes a big deal out of the fact that LBJs on cars with struts do not face very much load, as that is carried by the strut head, and thus should not be used as the LBJ in an SLA car. And, indeed, the ball of the Colt LBJ is only 60% the size of the stock Datsun 411 ball. But, I cut open the LBJ of a Chevy Chevette (#K6273) and found that its ball was the same size as that of the Colt. And, the Chevette has SLA with the spring on the lower arm, so, given its weight, it should face similar or greater loads than any LBJ installed in the Datsun. So, my conclusion is that the Colt LBJ should be just find in the Datsun 411, although it will likely wear faster.


Not sure if any of that helps anyone.



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