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Z24 surges and dies


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I have a friend that replaced his timing chain on a 85 720, and it was backfiring, it also surges and dies. I went over and checked that the oil pump was positioned correctly, it wasn't, and corrected that. It no longer backfires, but still surges and dies. Is this typical with a chain that was set incorrectly, I did not want break into the motor today so I didn't check into it.

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That's my second guess, only had an hour today. So I figured I'd check what most people get wrong when doing the chain, the pump. He's what I would consider competent, so I'm hoping he got the chain right. I'll start with vacuum lines Friday.

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Surges and dies.... care to elaborate?


Does it idle?

Can you rev it up in neutral?

What happens when you drive it?

Does this Z24 have an O2 sensor in the exhaust manifold?

Other than what's needed to change the timing chain was anything else changed or removed like... was the carburetor off?



I would just say off the top of my head confirm the spark plug leads go to the right plugs. There are 8 and they alternate intake exhaust intake exhaust. The firing order is 1342 but very confusing...



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I start it and it seems to idle for 3 or 4 seconds then starts to rev high, maybe ten seconds later it stumbles and dies. This is w/o touching the gas. He has no tach so I'm not 100% on how high its revving. I think he said he pulled the air cleaner off to remove the valve cover, but not the carb. I'll check on o2 sensor, did they have them on carbed z24? I guess the clutch needs bled, so it can't be driven currently.

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