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Steering Column Locking


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I attempted my first drive of the #4G63510 and never got out of the driveway. The steering wheel is randomly locking even while running. I'm sure I screwed something up since I've replaced both the steering wheel, and the key mechanism. I had the ignition key tumbler set to be the same as my door keys and perhaps I did something wrong reinstalling. I'm not sure where to start looking and not sure why this would happen even while the car is running. Is it possible to put the tumbler in 180* out? I thought it only went in one way. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'd like to drive this thing soon.

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Is this for a 510 column?


Hacksaw the snap off bolts and use a screw driver. Save and re-use them.





The lock should only slide out when the key is is in the lock position. It's spring loaded and will drop into the matching hole in the column. If you can't fix, cut a tin can, wrap around the column to hide the hole and bolt the ignition assy back on. 



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I rebuilt my key switch.  it worked for a while then I put the wrong key in it.... jammed.  So I just bought a NOS ignition since my tan car is my daily I figured it deserved the best :)  I would pull the ignition off the column and see what happens.  Narrow down what it could be.  Maybe it's the steering box.?...  

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I had this problem. If the oval cutout for the lock plunger in the outer column doesn't align with the cutout in the inner column, some one may have removed the snap ring on the steering wheel end of the column, allowing the spring inside the column to expand and misalign the concentric oval cutouts. This can cause intermittent locking. See my thread starting with post #46 here:


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