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Datsun B210 new wheel bearings not fitting on spindle.


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Location Arizona

Temperature: 90 degrees F


I ordered new inner/outer wheel bearings.  The races fit fine.

The wheel bearings have the exact same part numbers as the old ones and measurements seem to be the same with a digital caliper.


The question becomes, is the tolerance so close that the bearings will not fit on because of heat expansion on the spindle?  If this is the cause, is it okay to heat the bearings with a heat gun to expand them to fit?


Thanks in advance for any help.



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No the tolerances are not that close. They should slide on easily with tons of wiggle room.


At some point on the early '70... certainly after the PL510 was history, Nissan upgraded their hub bearings to a larger size. The PL510 used a smaller hub bearing than most later cars. The B-210 kept the smaller bearing and upgraded years later.


I looked up the part numbers for the B-210, and up until the end of the '75 model year... that's up until 07 '75 build date on the driver's door jam, it was the same as the PL510. (40215-21000) This tells me that 08 '75 and on, or the '76 model year use the larger bearings. (40215-A0100 same as the 710, 280zx, Maxima and so on)


If your build date on your car is after June '75 it's really a '76. I don't think the smaller '75 bearings will fit the '76 spindle. Just a guess.

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Thanks Mike,


I did manage to get them on with some pushing.  The bearings on purchased were for a 1978 B210.  What was weird was the part numbers for the new ones matched the old ones.  Anyways, it is together.  Will have to check the manufacture date on my B, it is registered as a 75 though.

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