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New guy with a 620


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Hey guys, just picked up a 1973 620 this past weekend. Ive wanted one for years and happened to stumble onto this one at a great price. It has some rocker and floor issues, but the motor and clutch seem fine. Looking for some advice on what to do/where to start as far as making it a solid truck. Anything is helpful, im gonna get some pictures up as soon as i figure out how to add them.

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Gave her a good tune up and she runs like a top, but now ive got a small gas leak under the carb somewhere. I should have probably replaced all of the hoses before driving. Are there any kind of simple upgrades i should be doing while checking the carb and replacing the hoses?

Ive also found a guy at the local auto parts store thats going to sell me a 76 (I think) roller for 200 bucks. Ill be able to get some odds and ends off of it for my 73. Maybe ill put an SR20 in the 76 one day :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:(wishful thinking)

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Hey guys, sorry for the long absence. Got a few updates on the 620.

I put some new wheels on it along with 2in spacers, new mirrors, and its lowered 3in all around. Ive got a small issues with the rear passneger tire rubbing the fender when 2 people are in it, but the rear driver side is fine. Anyone else run into this issue? Ive got a new picture of how she sits. Ive also got the interior pulled and im going to start working on floor pans and rocker panels. Let me know what you guys think.



Drivers side floor pan



Got some really rusty areas around the cab mounts, kinda worried about this.



Passenger side



Potential issue


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These rims are way wrong negative offset. They should be inwards (positive offset) closer to the body. This way the body can be lowered or will miss them on bumps. You have three choices here..


1/ raise the truck before the tires are grooved or the fenders destroyed

2/ sell these rims and get the correct ones*

3/ trim away the fender and bolt on flairs the cover over the tires.**


* preferable, looks very clean.

** destroys all four fenders and the clean looks of the truck. Best if they are all rusted out to begin with.

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You could also try increasing the bump stops. This means when your passenger is in the truck you'll have virtually no suspension travel. She'll ride rough shod, but you won't run the risk of slashing a tire. The other ideas involve chopping the bed back to give you more clearance, lifting the truck up another inch, and possibly running bags or another type of suspension in the rear.

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2 inch spacers mike, 2 inch spacers. that's the look he was going for i assume. tires look too thin and from the angle of the shot it almost looks like there's 0 offset on them. did you read the whole post?


Yup. Figured he meant 2" drop blocks. Why TF would you space the wheels out like that???? and lower it??? Tires will end up with a groove in them all the way round or the fenders buckled. Oh god... form over function. :rolleyes:

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i have 1.25 inch spacers on mine. not everybody is a purist mike. some people want more form than function. as long as he gets it sorted out before anything gets damaged he's good.


or, yaknow, just don't drive around with a passenger

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Well its parked for now anyway. Im gonna tackle the floor pans then the rubbing issue. I dont want to cut up the fenders, so i may just raise the back a little. I only plan on it being a weekend cruiser and ive got the ford for hauling and pulling stuff.

I really like the wider tire and lowered look on these. Im not really wild about the tires sliding up and hiding under the fender, hence the spacers.There's a guy with a yellow one that i think looks really good, and the 1200 that Dominic Le built looks good too (kinda wanna build mine to look similar).

Thanks for the input everyone, ill keep updating as i get more done.

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