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Anybody need weather Seal or parts from my website Let me know So I Can Take It with me and you will save deliver

Here Is My Website www.dapsuppy.net i will not take part with me if not paid in advance or paid half 

Thank you

can you bring me one of these 

will it fit the  L series and r series motors 

thanks I am always right next to james 

my cell 9164967750 let me know where you are at at the swapmeet 


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if you need any weather-seal or windshield for datsun PLEASE let me know in advance so i can take it with me send me e-mail or text www.dapsupply.net or 7142939891

Looking for a front windshield weather seal for a B210 if you have any.. Need to get one before I start getting ready for paint.. lmk
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Looking for a front windshield weather seal for a B210 if you have any.. Need to get one before I start getting ready for paint.. lmk

Here Is My Number Call Me or text me need more info. a bout the B210 so i can give you the right parts 7one4 293.989one

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Hello everyone just a reminder we have 13 days left till the show. vendors please arrive early. We will probably not have anymore space by 8am. I will be there at 4:30 am so there's no excuse for vendors to be late. No sharing spaces please pay your own spot. I've been receiving a lot of phone calls that the show is next week. Make sure right it down on your calendar that is on the 19th. People with trailers need to be there super early to get a spot or call me so I know who's coming with a trailer. Thank you guys for supporting this event. See you guys and gals on the 19th.

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I'll be bringing parts to sell for 510's.  I'm purging all my spare parts I don't need for my current project.  My third and final build so won't need to have stock piled parts.  I have some parts specific to '68-69 production years.  If you see something on the list, PM me for price negotiation and reserve for delivery at the Swapmeet.  I don't sell to make money, mostly funds to finish my current project.  So, just want a fair price, have been known to sell at a deal if it's for your project, and not to resale yourself for a profit because you lowballed me.  I have had the parts for years, not looking to give them away.
Items currently on my list:
(1) Rear Window No factory tint
(1) Pair of 1/4 Windows Glass No tint (Etched with Rampant Lion Emblem)
(1) Set of 1/4 windows complete in very good condition, no visible corrosion, and rubber not cracking
(1) Set of 1/4 windows gloss black powder coated, original frame/glass seal, rechromed window mounting bracket, all new stainless steel screws- refurbished just need window to body rubber seal and latch.  I can put the Rampant Lion glass in the frames or factory tinted glass at your request prior to delivery or factory tint glass, your choice.
(1) Set of 1/4 window frames gloss black powder coated, rechromed window bracket, window rubber seal from DatsunSocal from few years back, new stainless screws, and factory tint glass.  You get to assemble them
(1) Passenger side front window
(1) Set of bumpers, front is painted red in okay condition and rear is useable as is, but chrome isn't show quality
(2) sets of front and rear bumper brackets
(1) set of metal side vents and mounting hardware, original chrome and paint, decent shape ​SOLD!
(1) set of front side markers for 68-69 used in ok condition only one has rubber gasket
(1) set of plastic vents in ok condition, would paint them all black for best results
(1) 71-73 center radiator support
(1) 68-69 center radiator support
(2) sets of headlight surround all tabs good condition
(1) steering column plastic cover 71-73 good condition
(2) glove box doors 71-73, 68-69 with button latch
(1) Rear seat -red - upper has rip all across the top and the bottom is in ok condition, I would reupholster both
1/4 window pics are disassembled parts, I will have a set assembled and another set your assemble with DatsunSocal glass rubber
​I also posted a pic of the factory tent 1/4 windows next to no tint windows for a comparison.  The rear window is not tinted version that matches original condition no visible corrosion 1/4 windows.
PM me if you have questions and see ya at the show/swap



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