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Spuds 76 620 Project


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Hey guys and gals. Here my new project I picked up this fall. Finally got around to starting a build page. Nothing to report work wise but I'll give you some back story, and yes pictures.


So before I joined the military I got my hands on a 73 620. Military wouldn't ship it when I got posted so, I sold it. My time has ended with the military so I found myself a new one. I bought it just north of Edmonton, Alberta. I was going back to school out there. I had it shipped back to my house in just north of Ottawa, Ontario.


Since it been here I haven't worked on it. Just cleaning and inspecting so far.


Here are the pictures from the day I bought it, and loading it into the truck for the trip home.





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Your story sounds similar to mine. I got mine in Calgary, lived in Cold Lake and trailered it to Quebec. But Im still in the military haha. The project or perhaps I should say I am taking forever to go forward. I had a red and an orange long bed that i had to part with since they were old beat up projects and didnt have the money or.room to move them. Potential money I will never see... Btw nice to hear about another folk in Canada

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  • 2 weeks later...

So after some advice from the engine fourm. I rechecked for my lash pad and found it down by one of the head bolts. Got that reinstalled and adjusted. No damage to the cam or rocker.



Then stripped off the old intake and exhaust. To my surprise all the bolts came out with a fight, or me breaking any.



So I installed an early intake. not sure of year or what it came from. The 76 has that combined intake exhaust. What a mess that thing is.



Had a set of headers I picked up a while back. Don't fit I think I was off a 510. I did happen to have a solid cast exhaust manifold though. So that's bolted up, need to make a collector for that now though.




Got my weber swapped in and running kind of. Need to find the throttle linkage assembly. Hope it's one of the box of parts.


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So the weber I have never came with the throttle bracket. Didn't feel like paying 50$, shipping to Canada it's stupid.



Made this one today, need to move the mount over to the left. It doesn't line up quite right. It's a little heavy duty but it's what I had in the shop.


Tuned up the weber and had it running with the new setup. It's just off the header so it's a little loud.


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  • 3 months later...

Next project was the gas tank. It's been sitting since 83. So I dropped it only managed to snap 3 of the 6 bolts holding it up. Front right side looked like it was hit with bird shot for 5 feet out. So took it down to my rad guy to see if he could save it. Month later got it back all bronzed up and cleaned out. Fresh coat of paint and she's good to go back in.


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This weeks on going project has been the rust. When I bought it, I knew it had some soft spots in the floor. Being in canada I couldn't be to picky. Not many left up here.


Not sure what happened to my before picture. Oh well you get the point she was really soft. Even got into the cab corner.


So a little more cutting and grinding and we have the first patch.



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Also threw on my new fenders to see how they fit. Drivers side isn't to bad, but the passenger side is going to be a crap load of work to make it fit. I don't have the originals to use, so suck with these ones. No pictures of this job yet

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Got my weber swapped in and running kind of. Need to find the throttle linkage assembly. Hope it's one of the box of parts.


Use the throttle linkage bracket off of your stock carb on the Weber.  Do not over tighten the throttle shaft nut.

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So what does thqt say about the passenger recessed holes? Are they stock or repaired? If stock ill take the diameter of the washer, of the recess and perhaps the depth if you can. Pretty please!

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