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Steering lock to lock question


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Before finalizing my suspension I checked the steering alignment.


1) The small dot marked on the steering rod is at 12 o clock


2) Steering wheel and tires are straight and centered


Now the problem is when i turn the wheel lock to lock  it can turn more revolutions to the right than left.  approx 1 1/4 to left and 1.5 to right


I removed the steering link ( allowing only the shaft to only turn the steering box) then turned the steering wheel and i can get the same full turn radius going both left and right on the steering wheel


When i reinstall the steering link back on and double check that both pitman arm and steering box arm are both even and both pointing straight down when steering wheel is centered. When reinstalling the steering center link the issue comes back with the steering wheel which is back to 1 1/4 left and 1.5 to right  (note that the tie rods are removed from the steering knuckle)


Anyone come across this issue?  Does the 510 not have equal turn radius of the steering wheel when going lock to lock?





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Probably.... I know the 710s have them, so probably, there is a steering stop on the steering knuckle arm. Looks like a bolt sticking out with a lock nut. When the steering is turned full to the right the left side stopped bottoms on a raised section on the LCA for this purpose. The nut can be loosened and the stopper adjusted.
They look something like this and may still have the 'soft' caps still on. The stoppers might also be mounted on the LCA, I don't know, but the steering knuckle will bump against something to limit total wheel lock.





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Thanks guys. I rechecked the stopper bolt and it measured the same for both sides. I should have mentioned I am using aftermarket lower control arms so there isn't any binding but knowing that now I can put a longer bolt to create a functional stoppper. I pulled everything apart again and managed to readjust the steering spline and center the steering wheel to get both directions to lock in the same position. Unfortunately the dot on the column shaft doesn't match up but I don't think that's a big deal since I will be re aligning the front end. Interesting that the dot in the 12 o clock position is pretty far off from allowing me to thread the pass through bolt to the spline.

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