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Newest addition. This was my Great Uncle's 620 that he bought used in 1983. He recently passed away and his wife got a hold of me to see what it was worth. She had a friend of theirs, that works for a local car lot, offered her hardly anything. So I bought. Its a 77 with 195k miles and all original motor. Has some dents here and there with a slightly messed up front fender and rear bed damage. Some rust but good floor boards. Ill get better and more pictures once I have time to go through it. Also to think up a name for the title thread (fixed)


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Some more pictures for you guys.  Floor boards driver side has surface rust.  But there are leaks present and looks to be coming from windshield gasket.  I'll know more once I tear into it.


And to answer Hogie's question. Yes, its a runner but tired.  Definitely going to upgrade front brakes.  Stock engine still has smog pump connected with its belt.  And it comes with a shop manual and receipts. Even includes receipts from original owner. Looks like it had a blown head gasket back in 1992














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Getting some things done.  Removed seat so I can clean the floor boards. Pretty rust free except for some surface rust





found out why my defrost wasnt working






Some more exterior shots.  Went and got gas and was almost hit by someone backing out of a parking spot.  I had to go forward quick like.







Added my Chromed cowl piece, just because.  Thinking about adding my chrome roll bar too



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Sweet!!!, when are driving her up here????

I was going to say the same thing but Farmer already does a lot of traveling, even if it's without a Datsun, to come see us at shows and meets so maybe we should arrange a cruise down to see him. There hasn't been any meets down south so let's make one happen

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Might try to come up when Al gets his "shop meet". I think he said something about next weekend.  Wish there were back roads to Eugene from GP, But I5 all the way.


Our So Oregon meets are non existing except some do the cars and coffee meet ups with other car groups.  And nobody likes to drive from GP to Medford or vice versa.  Sad really

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Also ordered up some stuff from ebay. Just little things anyways like

Door switches

Shift lever bushing

ruber shift cover

door handle bezels

front/ rear glass gaskets with door weather striping from Route 66

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