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Single 45 DCOE issues L16


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By stock i assume you mean it has the 210 head and no cam.. Not sure but that maybe to much for a stock l16 I could be wrong.... you said you just installed it? Where did it come from? On What type of intake?... what was on the engine for a carb before? Did you do anything with the timing?... thats probably the first line of questing you'll get with this question..

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The 210 head is the stock head for the L16. By the description this is an un modified engine.


 If this ran properly before with the other carb there is no reason to think this is ignition related and has everything to do with the Weber.


As engine load increases.. (accelerating the weight of a vehicle) more gas is needed. Revving in neutral only accelerates the small amount of spinning engine parts. If it bogs when driving then there's not enough gas being delivered. This applies to all carburetors not just a Weber.


This could be that the jets are too small. Could be that the jet or jets are partly blocked with a piece of dirt or foreign matter. In some cases under high demand conditions (full throttle) if the float is set too low the engine will empty the carb and basically it runs out of gas but will recover and idle fine.

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I guess I assumed the old carb was on a different intake... if he always had the cannon intake and only swapped the carb then I would agree ...


The intake has very little to do with this as it's just an air tight pipe or pipes to connect carb to head.

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A single side draft is more direct line so air doesn't have to make a 90 degree change in direction. There would be some small gain from this over a down draft, all things equal. Dual side draft webers or Individual throttle bodies, one per cylinder, are slightly better again and you can tune the runner length. On a stock L16 the gains are smaller than if a modified engine that can use the extra carburetion.

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The first thing I would ask you is if you port matched the head to the intake manifold, the 210 head has small intake ports, most side draft intake manifolds have large ports, so if you bolted up a large intake runner manifold to a small port head, your going to have issues, I have heard they can not be tuned.

The issue is that the air in the big intake runner has to go into a small hole, it's like a hundred people trying to rush into one small door, it just don't work, the flow isn't smooth, it hits the bottle neck and turns into turbulence, it just don't flow properly.   

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Port matching is always a good idea but it would still run and drive normally and wouldn't affect part throttle low and mid range speed. Might prevent you realizing the full potential of a side draft at full throttle.


Try to drive it around for 1/2 hour and then pull the plugs and 'read' them. Are the 1 and 4 plugs a different shade than the 2 and 3? Normal color of a reasonably good air fuel ratio is a light tan color on the porcelain. Darker is richer with black sooty extremely rich and very light or cream color is leaner. White porcelain is extremely lean running. Overly rich will still run. Overly lean will lack any power.

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buy/borrow a timming light otherwise youll never figure out a L motor


olddatsuns.com read the tech section a 1000 times then ask questions.



one guy I was helping to told him what to ck and he wouldnt do it. Just to find out the points were out of adjustment. I told him how to do it!!!!! but that was still to much. These are EZ cars.


then another car the guy put a Supercoil on with out adding another ballast resisitor (still had point ignition) car wouldnt go down the street with out popping. thought carbs went bad. But was just needed a ballast


another put a different dist on and the pedastal was not matching which thew it of timming



Or buying other peoples JUNK


SO!!!!!!!!!!be honest dont be changing shit just to change it.

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