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2wd air locker

DIY 1985

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Planning on upgrading my rear axle to accommodate traction control. I understand that those 2wds without inspection covers on the differential have to be swapped. Will my stock wheels fit on a Toyota pickup axle? I imagine welding on perches to stay sprung under, but don't want to forefit stock height or an under the bed spare. Any thoughts regarding potential axles?

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I suppose that it's easiest to get a C200 and an ARB locker for driveshaft, brake lines, axle width, ebrake, and wheels? However, some later model Toyotas come with the opportunity for factory equipped lockers--which could open up possibilities, depending on their gear ratios?

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The Yoda 4x4 axle is about 2" wider than the 620.


Well, per one of your own threads, the 720 is 56.35" and the 620 is 56" (though there was some disparity between disc or drum truck, disc being wider, and not clear if 56" was from a disc or drum truck).  Either way, 55" is still less than a 720.

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I put the Yoda axle on my 620. The front was about 1" a side wider IIRC.



I can't believe it but I have a Yoda 4x4 axle out back. The trees grew around it. Still has the tires on it and under a foot of snow or I'd go measure it. If the old lady ever saw it she'd make me haul it out of there.

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Just found a Jan.'96 Nissan pickup with limited slip and drums for $150. How well do they age, it is unusually rusted? I can bench press a bathtub but I may not be able to curl an axle. What gear ratio comes with my '85 2wd? Wheels and driveshaft will fit?


Z24, but there is sand and snow. I like the ifs and 26" tires; gave up a lifted 73 Landcruiser with 33s.

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Probably an H-233 and wider than your axle. Yours is a H-190. 



Look on your engine tag below the passenger side hood hinge on the inner fender. The bottom line is


TRANS/AXLE....... FS5W71B....... HF 39 (3.889) or maybe HF 37 (3.70) maybe HF 35 (3.545)


The Hardbody has a similar tag same location.

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