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78 B210 build

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its time to give the "B" some love


figured i'd do a thread and see what i can learn from members and get some feedback. this is my daily driver so it will take some time but i will keep the thread going as i start and complete the projects.


first things first




2nd thing to do because it's Fargin cold out




now on to some cosmetics and the tools used






to fix these


deer damage




my buzzed ass backing into it in the dark




then a wreck i got into in Dec.




so hopefully when life quits getting in the way i can get back to this





so i pulled the dents in the fender around the headlight, did some dolly work on it, got the front of the hood straight again although i cannot get the corners to line up straight with the corners of the fenders so i'll probably have to run some adjustable bumps off the radiator core support or break down and take it a shop to see if they can press it.




then i sealed it with this stuff which i've used quite a bit and it seems to work really well, just make sure you clean the rim of the can or you'll never get the lid off again.




did i mention to clean the rim/lid area of the can? here is how it looks ready to be blocked with the rest of the body when the time comes




now onto another one that is dollied out and was sealed and primed but i haven't done any filler or blocking yet.



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did some more minor work, new calipers, Master Cylinder and rear brakes. first time i've ever drove it where i didn't have to pump the brakes  :thumbup:




then all new ball joints and tie rod ends.


when i recieved the new ball joints these bolts that with were to long and were hitting the steering knuckle




by the looks of the old joints it was well past time, i believe they were most likely the originals






all nice and tight now





can't believe how much everything tightened up in the front end.

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