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Post your Garage/Shop space!

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I searched and didn't find a thread specific to our garage/shop spaces. I fawn over garage journal and the back grounds of all your Datsun wrenching pictures. There are no spaces too small or too big. Lets see where the magic happens.


Here is a few from my double car garage.





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Ya mine too, one car garage and I barely can walk around the datto due to racks, tools, work benches, etc etc, couple weekends ago H5WAGON stopped by to pick up my cherry picker and engine stand to take over to Al's shop so we can all use them, now I've got little bit more space available....I need to find a bigger place too....

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Good amount of storage space on those shelves. nice!l


Looks like you could you some better lighting in there.

They're there, they're just not on. They're fluorescent, which I'm not a big fan of. I'll change them around when I need to, I've only been here since August.


The majority of those totes have random S13 or 89 Toyota parts. I also have a shipping container full of shit at a friends house. As heretical as it sounds most of the time I spend in my garage is spent maintaining my body... not working on the 620. Waiting on parts...

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Probably quite similar. I have to figure out how I'll be arranging a workbench and storage. I have a portable storage building that all lawn equipment will go in. Keep my garage uncluttered.

I need one of them buildings. Would be nice to get the John deere out of the garage. Keeps the garage floor cleaner
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