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Shelton get together


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Pretty good turnout for a little bit of a wet day, good food. I did not take any OIC's but some of the others did. Nice to see Bleach show up


Fuckin Ted brought sway bar with the bushings but forgot the frame mounting brackets. Maybe get them next time    :hug:



Hope Scalpum made it home with no problems, doing his engine break in

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Yellow 510 that's been thru hell (more like a chain link fence) is mine.

Red 521 is scalpum (he's never on here).

Dark red 521 is tdaaj (fuckin Ted).

White 411 is Juan ear (not a Ratsun member and not sure if he knows he's called that).

Blue 610 is phixius.

Black golf was hobo.

Red Celica fat510 stole from his brother.

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Green 620 with white fenders ,, Dueceduece _ Wallis durty martini




told him awhile ago we call him juan-ear cuz most don't use real names online because of privacy and what-not..  I have to remind him almost every time though.

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So here's the $20-50 dollar  69 Hi Lux that was spoken of yesterday ?


  And that boat in the background had what looked like brand fucken new twin Yamaha 150 outboards hanging off the sumbitch ,,, jeeeeesus crap your pants




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