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Horn wire wraps around steering column


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Hi All,


I've recently installed a new horn on my 620, and I've had to try and wire the thing to my steering wheel.  The problem is that when I turn the wheel the wire will, of course, end up wrapping around the steering column.  This causes wear and tear on the wire that I'd like to avoid.  Any other methods that folks have used to get around this besides using an external button?


Maybe someone could tell me how their horn wiring works on a stock 620.







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The underside of the wheel has a circular brass ring.


The steering column has a small spring loaded  brass pin sticking up.


When the wheel is fitted, the pin rubs the brass ring in any position the wheel is turned to keep in contact. The wheel transmits this through the horn button to ground to activate the horn relay.

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So the wire isn't attached directly to the wheel, but instead contact is made through the pin touching ring?  I bought a stock steering wheel on ebay (the one with the horn bar), so i'm assuming when you refer to the ring you're more or less just referring to the material on backside of the wheel.


I don't have that pin setup, I'll have to look into that.


Thank you for your description Mike.

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