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Looks like I need to introduce myself.  My name is Len, I live in Medford, OR.  I have been a Datsun guy since I started driving in 1984. The first on I owned was this 1980 200SX.


Here are some before and after shots...circa 1985:




After this one came an Orange 72 2Dr 510 which I owned and raced for 16 years before selling it like an ass. I had 3 different 240Zs after the first Dime (I'll try to find some pictures of those cars sometime and post them). I had no Datsuns from 2003 until 2015 and then the 510 gods smiled on me again in November of 2015 and this one dropped into my lap. This car sat for about 10 years before I put it back into action this week.  It has an L20 with an automatic and the interior is redone nicely.  I plan to clean it up, put a dogleg in it and get it out on the track this year. My daughter is 16 and she'll get to drive it until I decide otherwise.   :thumbup:


The RX7 is Trixie. It is my current track car and hillclimber.  It was another barn find and a story for another forum.      





Anyhoo...thanks for looking.  I'll post some WTBs on the classifieds as soon as I'm approved.  




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Why is the rx7 a story for another forum? We have section for not Datsun fun. A guy by the name of drumming pariah is building a highly modified Z car with a rotary specifically for hill climbs. One of our members hasn't missed the race to the clouds hill climb since the 90s. In other words, tell the story :)



Welcome to ratsun. Clean 510.

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Welcome to the zoo Len.


Hope you bought your flak jacket.


Congrats on not making the average Noobs mistake; you posted Oics which earns you cred already.


Nice that you are going to let your daughter drive your 510; mine wont be allowed within a country mile of the steering wheel when its built.


This of course presupposes mine will be on the road by the time shes old enough to drive.

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                          Welcome! Is that the White City track in the top pictures?

I was there when it first opened.

                          Where do you race the RX7?


                                           - Doug   (in Eureka)

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I'll put the RX7 story in the not Datsun thread. That is the White City track. Siskiyou Sport Car Club (find us on Facebook) runs the autocross series out there still...well over 40 years now. That is where I race the RX7 as well. I also have run it in the Cascade Lakes Hillclimb.


Thanks for all the warm welcomes!

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Wo. I had forgotten that ratsun was still fully functional and getting new recruits.


Sweet! Nice intro! Welcome.


Word of advice. Stick to the build threads and Datsun discussions. General discussion will swallow your soul.




^selfie while popping out of "cuz"

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That bit about the soul is true in the post above, if I were to guess I would say that non-Datsun posts out number Datsun posts 2 to 1 on here now. :(

I mostly have quit posting to most threads in the general section since a couple weeks after the election ended, it's a waste of time to read most of it.

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Welcome to ratsun I'm also from Medford and own 5 datsuns daily my 84 maxima and 78 620 flatbed ka swapped. That orange 510 i recall seeing it a lot it was the one with the bubble flares and FJ swap right? There are a lot of us datsun guys locally but don't always hang out sadly. Summer time hits were out at local meets as much as possible and hitting up datslocos and canby.

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Definitely slower wayno. I get more p/m questions from southerly states where you can work on your car easier or get around to wrecking yards. Definitely winter but it is still slow. Insomniacs is also an entertainment time waster on a winter day.

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