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280sx Ratrod Project Help

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Hi everyone. This is my first posting on a forum ever so if I'm not in the right place feel free to remove this. So starting Monday I begin my long journey on creating a 280z/240sx ratrod. Before I begin explaining my plans to cut the 1976 280z apart let me say that the 280z was buried up to the headlights in the mud for the past 10 years and doesn't even have floorboards or interior. But it has that beautiful rusted look about the rest of the body that screams ratrod me. My goal is to hack the front end off right before the firewall, cut out the floor and channel it over a custom frame on the subframes of a 1993 240sx s13. I've seen it done with a VW bug body on a full miata drivetrain, subframes, and custom roll cage. You can see his at @miatabug on instagram. Can anybody think of any problems I'd run into doing this? The dimensions seem like they would work and the length doesn't matter to much but I'd love some input. Thank you.

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I can foresee a million problems, however with the right measuring done, and a shit ton of fabricating skills and patience, it will be possible. Anything is.


Width of the 240sx compared to the 260Z will probably be the biggest hurdle, requiring some cleaver thinking with firewall width, joining the body to the wider sills, running flares for the wider trackwidth of the S13 suspension vs the 260Z body.


Do a lot of measuring before any plasma cutter meets metal, brace the 260Z body too before removing what metal is left, same with the 240sx.


Keep the 240sx struts and firewall, good reference points for wheel arches, also what is the wheel track of the 260Z compared to the 240SX?

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