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Heading to Marysville, Wa.

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Going to be headed to Marysville on the 9th of Feb.  Got a dealers meeting at the Casino. Staying at the Holiday Inn.  Anyways, im needing some info about the roads. I haven't drove through that area for at least 20 years.  Am I going to hit tow roads and if yes, whats the cost?  Also when is a good time to drive through Seattle?   Also do you know when the last ferry is from Edmounds to kingston ( or what ever its called now days)



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everett is bad from around 130pm to like... 8pm heading north bound. if you're just coming up 5 you won't hit any toll roads, don't know what a tow road is though. 


you can check the ferry schedule online at: http://www.wsdot.com/ferries/schedule/ScheduleDetailByRoute.aspx?route=ed-king    


i use that website all the time when i'm hopping ferries. good luck getting through seattle, it's usually hit or miss for me

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I think he means toll roads.

The only toll roads are the express lanes on I-405 between Bellevue and Lynnwood but you can drive for free in the other lanes.

There are a couple toll bridges (520 and Hwy 16) but you will probably not be going across either of those.


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Steve, not sure if I'll have time. The event is an all day ordeal. After the dinner, I'll be talking the ferry over to Kingston and from there head to Port Angeles Also looks like I'm screwed about traffic. Have to go through Portland first then the mess in Tacoma /Seattle section too.

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