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1982 720 4x4 2.2 gas


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I have a 1982 datsun that has been taking up my garage for six years (my wife is about to kill me). This was the only vehicle my dad has ever bought brand new. I have been saving it for my son. Well January came around and I realized my son will be turning 14 this year. Time to get my butt moving. My son and I will be working on it together(got to pull him away from his video games some how). So clutch first. Then all four brakes. The front passenger hub bolts are seized and I have broke off two snap on easy outs off in them. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them out without destroying the hub. I can't find a hub anywhere around me(Show Low, AZ). Thanks, David

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Lisle makes a hand impact that you hit with a hammer, works pretty well for things like that. Soak em with some PB blaster. They get stuck on the bottom side of the head, so you can drill the head off then the bolt will just twist out by hand.

We used a snap on version on the other 4 with tons of pb blaster

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Thanks for the help! After further review I noticed the tags were from 2007 so it's actually been 10 years sitting in my garage. We changed out the rotor and put the hub back together.  Next we drained the fuel tank and lines. Then cleaned the Weber carburetor and bought a new battery. She started right away. She's alive!!!! 

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