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280 ZX 15/16 Master Cyl


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All brakes work, and if you have stock drums or 300zx 6 piston calipers locked up in a panic stop the distinction becomes moot. Tire grip or traction to the road becomes the determining factor on how short a distance you can stop, and not really so much the brakes used. That said, disc brakes are somewhat easier to bring to, and hold at the edge of tire lock up better than drums even when they are perfectly adjusted. And this only applies if you have time and distance to get stopped. There's a big difference between how short a distance you can get stopped in, and when that distance is less than you need and you know you are not going to make it. As I said earlier, in a panic situation the brakes go on with maximum effort there is no time to modulate the brakes, they lock and the tires slide on melted rubber. Six piston calipers on 13" vented cross drilled rotors are not going to save you.


In comparison to drum brakes, disc brakes are simpler, less parts (to go wrong) and easier to replace pads. They require basically no adjusting and although almost never exposed to severe prolonged braking are very resistant to heat fade. So what is gained from larger calipers and pads and larger diameter vented rotors? Well not much as 'all brakes work' but they do give some peace of mind. Some extra measure of assurance you could stop a freight train if you had to. The biggest day to day advantage might be they are easier to use with less pedal effort. 

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If the rotors are that expensive they can be turned for less. In some cases new is cheaper. I had a Dodge Onmi. $18 to turn a rotor and $20 new. Yes they can be expensive... but paragraph two in my last post. It's only money.

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I don't think those rotors can be turned. Pretty sure they can be ground, like a flywheel. But turning them with a cutting bit, the slots create cutting problems.

yeah, they are two piece. They sell brake "kits" that include the pads and rotors for each axle.

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