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PL510425584 - 1973 2 door 510 "WANABRE"


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Your 2.5 shift knob looks like it may be a repro- here's an original one:



Diggin' your build!

I know it's a repro.... Must be nice to ball jk. Your build is perfection, thanks for the comment :)

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Had a great time at datslocos today. Finally got some roller videos of my car. Click pictures below for link to video:




34774251512_2439ab5e79_b.jpgUntitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr




34937922245_6d59bd4df9_b.jpgUntitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr


And here are some pics of the car at the meet with my friends Ralph and Eric:


34937922115_dfc3b547b7_b.jpgUntitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr


34937922095_3996645962_b.jpgUntitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr


34805623261_79c72b6737_b.jpgUntitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr


34127317173_c023d2f109_b.jpgUntitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr


34805623131_489b87fa05_b.jpgUntitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr

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Grizzly Peak:  All pictures taken by Naveed


34462051794_7558b9f221_k.jpg34912481620_3c9201d2fe_o by five1oh2010, on Flickr


34495969323_1424b197fc_k.jpg35133490052_bd6c9b8ab2_o by five1oh2010, on Flickr


34462057834_be8ebe593a_k.jpg35133492422_d81b33b2d3_o by five1oh2010, on Flickr


34495980683_46f2891ada_k.jpg34456175034_3c4ff9f3bf_o by five1oh2010, on Flickr


35305684865_3392474a8b_k.jpg35133498172_8fdb5d58be_o by five1oh2010, on Flickr

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Thanks Carter! Definitely wish I had some of your cars.....sucks two of them got hit but I know you will bring them back better than they were....on a side note I almost bought your granny car...saw it on YAJ and almost bid on it, I can't believe it was ACTUALLY as clean as the pics....you never know with some of those cars....and man it went for an amazing price. Glad you bought it so I could watch it become what it has. Good luck on getting them fixed!

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