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Transmission indentification


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That is an L series F4W63 or F4W63L. Could be from a '68-'73 510 sedan or wagon, '73 620, '74-'77 710, '78-'80 A10. What it's not from, for sure, is a '76 620. From '74 on only the 71B transmission was used.


The '73-'76 610 also use a similar but 5.5" longer version.

The '70-'72 521 also used one but it had a bolt on output flange in the tail.


With a different front case bolt pattern for the J series, it was used in the '66-'69 520/L521.

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ALL the gears, bearings, shift rods and forks are in the front case, so it would have to be totally torn down and installed in a J series case. The rear half only has a speedometer drive and a bushing to support the back end of the mainshaft. Probably easier to cut the front parts off and weld together.

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Some '66 J-series trans are extremely different from the 67+ trans, being more similar to the '65 320 trans.  But, to be sure, on your J-series trans, does it have a large, square bottom pan?  Does the shift linkage look like the one in the picture?  If yes, the '68-73 transmissions are the same model and most likely the "guts" could be put in the J-series case.  If the bottom is round with no square plate, they're not the same transmission, and don't even have the same input/output splines or gear design, and nothing is interchangeable.  I've seen 66s with either type.

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