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Warped head?


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So mostly sure I blew the head gasket. Did the tear down and rebuild, got rid of some of the emissions stuff, new thermostat, radiator, and headlights. Once together I tried starting it and began to build pressure in the radiator and still have white smoke in the exhaust. Gonna tear down again tomorrow and get the head milled down. Anything I'm missing here?



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Overheating often causes a head to crack too. If you don't have a straight edge (no, I'm not talking about a yard stick from Home Depot), you will need to bring it to a machine shop and have them check it for straight and pressure test it too.


Cracks can go undetected at room temp, so be prepared for that.

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Only the '75-'77 L20Bs had the co-joined intake/exhausts. I don't see the water outlet pipe just under the front of the carb either. The stock original gasket does not have the holes in it but all after market us a 'one size fits all' gasket. This one is likely that. The holes serve no purpose on a U67 head... there are no holes on the intake either. The gasket just left an imprint.

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