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Datsun Truck Rear end Identification help please. Carnage pics!!!

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Let me know what this is out of, and then I will open a Wtb add.  


Or you can just Pm me :)


Thanks.   Gears are 4.375  would like to stick with that.  My pinon and ring are eaten up pretty good.



32408555262_de3aea03a2_c.jpg20170127_204909[1] by thomas telesco, on Flickr


32408555232_32bfa7203e_c.jpg20170127_204935[1] by thomas telesco, on Flickr


32408555252_dca8525531_c.jpg20170127_204929[1] by thomas telesco, on Flickr


32408555222_28ff2407fa_c.jpg20170127_204947[1] by thomas telesco, on Flickr


32408534252_d6d1a24911_c.jpg20170127_205356[1] by thomas telesco, on Flickr

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If 29 spline side gears then has to be from a truck. It looks like an aluminum case so PL521 if 4.375. The 510 goon and Roadster had similar aluminum cases but 23 spline and only came with 3.889 or 3.70.


Possibly very early 620s had the aluminum case but I don't think so.

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