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Ratsun newb with my first Datsun!

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What up Ratsun! Been stalking these forums for awhile as a newb to the wonderful world of Datsun engineering. I have always been a muscle car guy with the motto "No replacement for displacement" I have built many cars like this oFd6fDi.jpg and this c5Cv5ey.jpg yes thats a 4x4 ha and this HXvTNSc.jpg Large displacement engines, are they fun to drive? hell yes! Can you go get anywhere with them? Not with all those smiles per gallon :( kwIjXAK.jpg So I ended up buying this out of a local junkyard not really knowing what it was but I liked its face WOEqOVx.jpg  and it was about to be crushed for scrap. A whopping 150 bucks and she was on the trailer headed home. After a head gasket, conversion to 4 speed, and cleaning out all the ratsun inside the car from sitting, I had a driver. During the parts search for this thing, I was educated by a gentleman letting me know I picked just about the worst datsun in history and I would never get my money back that I put in. Oh well, guess I have a thing for odd cars so hello I'm DatsWeird.


As an engineer, the interchangeability of the platform is what sold me, being able to swap engines and transmissions from many years. and did i mention price? haha A 6x cylinder head on my pontiac cost more than I have total in this car right now. I am sold! Looking for a truck next so I will be posting all my project info and works on here, hoping to help somebody else like me that stalked this site regularly to get my project done. Cheers

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one more set of pics(sorry if its a lot or wrong size, completely new to forums)   ke6KKdn.jpg FHOKGl8.jpg pSvZs7I.jpg


After finishing the head gasket, she fired right up and I was sold. Cam in head and the ease of assembly sold me on these engines. Now I am hopelessly addicted and swapping one with boost into that 40 plymouth in the background. I have only seen one other datsun in my life before I got this one, and after looking through all these threads I can't believe more people aren't building these things. I would trade a trans am for a 510 in a heartbeat. Well that's my newb story, thanks for all the motivation and I'm honored to be a Ratsun member :)

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The L28 run hot under the hood. Nissan added an electric fan to blow on the fuel lines and injectors to prevent 'vapor lock'. 


He said he converted to 4 speed


Those louvers were on the Sept 81 and on. Not sure if strictly turbos have them or not. Maybe the difference is if functional or not but look the same?




Does have the non turbo down pipe.






Doesn't have the correct valve cover.





Should have TURBO emblem over left rear tail light on hatch. The front fender emblems should say TURBO just under the 280zx. Could have been removed and painted. Lots of things get done to 30+ year old vehicles.


Definitely a zx though

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That's not a 280z it's a 280zx. Big difference. Looks like an '82 non turbo judging by the hood louvers, dash and tail lights..

Thanks for the clarification. It came from mexico originally I believe( had sonoroa registration in glove box and data plate is in spanish) but it is a non turbo 82 with one sun baked emblem remaining on the passenger side( 280 Z). I since bought a set off ebay to replace them, read on wiki that it was branded as both zx and z. Guess I need to order a new set of emblems lol


Anybody familiar with color code 077 orange metallic mist/ metallic brown.. Wasn't sure if it was special order? It is very thin from the sun damage, with a light bluish green primer coming through. I did manage to find a garrett air research turbo in the yard, was on a saab though but looked about right. Ebayed a few other goodies.. Pictures uploading

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Pretty sure I see a turbo

Thought the same thing at first, junkyard guy said it was a turbo  :rofl: There's a micro switch on the accelerator that turns it on when you floor it; it also stays on about ten minutes after the car is shut down if temp goes over the half mark

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This is cool,tell us more about it

I tend to gravitate to cars I have never seen before. Found this one in kingman: 1940 plymouth, 283 sbc, 3 speed on the floor, '62 landcruiser front clip with lockers. Currently getting taken apart for the L series swap, hopefully a 2.8 if I can find one but any l series straight six should do on boost. Can't wait to say "It's just an old inline 6" (originally flathead 6 @90hp). Project thread coming soon in I guess "other non datsun" Car is 2800 lbs btwsnXF58q.jpg a3hKYbu.jpg

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So the zx engine is going into the Dodge? The ZX turbo had some extra goodies to make it work. A non boost ECU and injectors may not work so well when expected to fuel 50% more air. Also the ignition had all kinds of boost retard.

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The zx is my daily right now; in the market for any l series inline 6/4 speed for the Plymouth. Was hoping to keep it simple with blow/draw through carbs and early style points dizzy. I know it might not be the best performance option but this car is all about being different. I'll prob de badge everything like the car to keep people guessing what it is; old timers will prob love it til I tell them where the heart came from  :rofl:

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