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Datsun building simulator game.

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Don't know if theres a topic about this already but i decided to do one anyway.

Im very proud being Finnish nowadays, those who haven't noticed, the best car game ever has been launched as an early access on steam.

It's called: MY SUMMER CAR! The ultimate Datsun cherry E10 building simulator that is ridicilously realistic. It also acts as a 90's Finland simulator lol :rofl:

If you're a gaming guy, search google for "my summer car" and try it out, theres also plenty of videos in youtube.


Tell me what you think, i found it hilarious foreing people playing it :rofl:



Vince from Finland

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As i have understood, there was only one guy developing this game and when it was released it made some records in steam being most downloaded allover the world :D


Maybe it's the Finnish youngsters stereotype that ruled in the 90's. Basically it included:


>Cheap, old, mostly 70's rwd japanese automobile with diy souped up engine, loud exhaust, lifted rear-end, furry dices, bigass subwoofer in the trunk and some banging techno hits. This way, if you managed to do a burnout in front of a highschool you got the ladies.

>Making you're own moonshine for weekends

>Enjoying the moonshine and beer in your own cars backseat, listening that techno banging loud and forcing your best friend to drive.

>Smoking more than your car


I wish i was born a little earlier to see all that greatness :rofl:



Vince from Finland

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